Chapter 11-8: Syllables

A syllable is each unique sound that composes the complete sound a word makes. These sounds are based on the pronunciation of the vowels in a word. Identifying the number of syllables in a word is done through several methods and they can be used as rules to guide the formation of each individual sound.

How to Count/ Identify Syllables

  1. The “Listen Method” - The number of syllables is counted each time you hear a separate vowel sound.

  2. The “Chin Method” -Each time your hand touches your chin while saying the word, will help you identify the number of syllables.

  3. The “Clap Method” - This method is popular when turning poems into songs. Clap for every vowel sound you hear while saying the word.

  4. The “Robot Speak Method” - You will need to speak slowly as if counting each breath you make while speaking each vowel sound of the word your are counting.

  5. The “Written Method" - This method can seem complex as it involves counting each vowel in the word, adding 1 for each occurrence of the letter "Y" giving a vowel sound, and if there is no consonant before "le" or "les"; then, subtract 1 for each silent vowel, diphthong, and/or triphthong in the word.

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