Chapter 2: Reading Critically

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"If you don't read the newspaper you're uninformed, if you read it you are misinformed."

Denzel Washington

This chapter is designed to help students develop their competency at critical media consumption.

Question: so, what does it mean to “critically consume media?”

Answer: a discerning consumer is a person who…

• cross-examines what they read

• considers what it is that the author wants them to believe

• thinks about whether the author’s views are honest and valuable

• actively recognizes and analyzes evidence in the media

Question: so, why should I care about whether or not I can critically consume media?

Answer: because it’s a life skill. Whether they be academic or professional projects, you will need to use the knowledge you acquire from media for your own projects. In order to do that, you must interpret or analyze this media in order to produce a quality project.

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